CAIRE Center

(Child Abuse Interview, Referrals and Evaluation) / Community Service Administration

Investigations of child abuse can be painful and disturbing to children. Stanislaus County has made provisions for children who must be interviewed when allegations of abuse are investigated. The CAIRE Center is a comfortable place where children can feel safe.  CAIRE interviews are usually scheduled by Law Enforcement or CPS. All of the professionals involved in the investigations are invited to attend.  The Multidisciplinary team might include a detective, social worker, mental health clinician, and a deputy attorney. A trained advocate accompanies each child through the process.

How can I get more information? You may call CAIRE Center at (209)-525-5151. If you suspect any kind of child abuse, please call 1-800-558-3665 or your local law enforcement agency.

Community Services Agency

The CAIRE Center is a program operated by the Community Services Agency under Child Welfare/Child Protective Services. The mission of the Community Service Agency is to build a stronger community by working with the people of Stanislaus County to help build a safe place to live, access to food, health care, and opportunities to work.  With nearly 850 staff in nine locations, serving over 120,000 citizens each year, we are the largest social service organization in Stanislaus County.

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Child Protective Services

The Child & Family Services division’s mission is to serve children and families in our community in accordance with the following guiding principles: Safety, Self Determination, Strengths, Stability, Self-Reflection and Success.

  • Adoptions
  • Emergency Response
  • Families in Partnership (FIP)
  • Family Reunification
  • Foster Care
  • Foster Connections and Information
  • Juvenile Court
  • Licensing
  • Permanent Placement
  • Pre-Placement Services
  • Referrals
  • Specialized Services

Reporting Child Abuse

Professionals, who in the course of their work, come in contact with families and children (medical practitioners, non-medical practitioners, daycare providers, probation officers, social workers, etc.) MUST report (Penal Code Section 111165):

  • physical abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • severe or general neglect
  • willful cruelty or unjustifiable punishment
  • unjustifiable mental suffering
  • any of the above in out-of-home care

to a “child protective agency” (Police, Sheriff, Probation, Child & Family Services).  All other citizens MAY report. A phone report must be made immediately upon suspicion or knowledge. A written report is required within 36 hours.

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Haven Women’s Center

Havens Women’s Center of Stanislaus is a catalyst for individual empowerment and societal change.

The Haven Women’s Center:

  • Promotes safety and healing for women and children impacted by domestic violence or sexual violence.
  • Dedicates itself to a non-judgmental, holistic, client centered approach through advocacy, education and supportive services.
  • Believes in honoring our heritage, and validating the feelings and experiences of many lives touched by violence against women.

Two advocates are assigned to the SFJC and provide services to victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse. These services include Crisis Intervention, Risk Assessment, Safety Planning, Case Management, Court Accompaniment, Advocacy, and Training.

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Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

This subsystem of the Behavioral Health and Recovery Services-Children’s System of Care is located at the CAIRE Center.  Services are provided for children who have experienced trauma and who have been victims of abuse.  Goals of the program include improving the emotional functioning of children.  A strength-based approach is utilized, which is child centered, family focused and community based.  Services provided include; individual and family counseling, crisis intervention, brief therapy, referrals and linkages to community resources.

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District Attorney & Victim Services

The California Victim/Witness Assistance Program is a statewide effort to provide comprehensive support services to all victims of crime. Until recently, the chief concern of the criminal justice system was apprehending and prosecuting the offender. As a result, the system was indifferent to the unique needs of victims and their families.To address this inequality, the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Offices houses local, comprehensive services designed to assist crime victims through this often-difficult process. The program is funded largely through the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services with fines and penalties collected from convicted offenders. Our staff is prepared to help crime victims and their families with everything from crisis intervention counseling and financial compensation to referrals for further services and information regarding criminal proceedings.

A Criminal Investigator and a Victim Advocate for Domestic Violence victims are assigned to the SFJC. In addition, two Deputy District Attorneys, assigned to the Special Victims Unit, attend the child abuse interviews as does the Victim Advocate for victims of child abuse. The victim advocate for Elder Abuse also comes to the SFJC when an elder abuse victim presents herself at the Center. Investigation, prosecution and victim advocacy are some of the services provided by the staff.

The Victim Services Program provides:

  • crisis intervention and peer crisis counseling
  • information on case status and case disposition and notification of court appearances orientation to the criminal justice system and your role in criminal justice process assistance in return of property when no longer needed as evidence
  • referrals to community and social services agencies for further services
  • assistance in applying for Victims of Crime compensation
  • other assistance and intervention as needed.

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Stanislaus County Sheriff

Two detectives from the Sheriff’s Office are assigned to the SFJC.  One of the detectives is assigned to the Crimes Against Children Unite and is a trained forensic interviewer who assists with the CAIRE Center Interviews. This detective investigates child abuse cases for the Sheriff’s Office. The other detective is assigned to investigate domestic violence and human trafficking cases.

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Stanislaus County Sheriff's Deputy

Without Permission

Without Permission exists to mobilize the church and community in the human trafficking battle as a leading collaborative partner in bringing education to all aspects of the Central Valley. We serve the justice system agencies, educator and other service providers as they attempt to identify and/or rescue sex trafficking victims. When a survivor is identified, Without Permission begins the work of life restoration. Without Permission strives to operate within five core values: Serving: We believe in giving of self in order to meet the needs of individuals and the communities that we work in. Community: It is the purpose to create, fund, and serve a local Central Valley response to sex trafficking. Our Cities, Our People! Family: There must always be a balance between serving within the organization and supporting one’s own family. Family is always first. Faith: Above all else, Jesus is the reason for the work that we do. Being whole in body, soul and spirit allows our team to effectively lead and serve. Excellence: We desire to have longevity to the mission that we so passionately give our lives to. Only through excellence, will there be years of service to our cities.